game 'among us'
· 2021-03-08
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In these days, I often play the game 'among us'. Its rule is very similar to mafia game. I'll shortly introduce its rules.

First, 2 imposters and 8 crewmates are chosen randomly.
Second, imposters have to kill crewmates *secretly.
Third, all cremates have to complete given missions while wandering to win the game.

*It's important for imposters to kill secretly because there is a vote time. When it's the vote time, every people can convince others to vote someone suspected to be an imposter. Someone voted by majority people will be killed.

I think it is very novel game because I have never thinked that I can play mafia game in the Internet! I recommend it for people who are like reasoning because people can reason when it's a vote time. Also, I recommend people who are like convincing others. What a novel game!
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I'm interested in the game after reading your writing.

글을 다 쓴 후에 글이 잘못 쓰여진 부분은 없는지, 문법 오류나 자연스럽지 않은 부분에 대해 다시 한번 점검해보세요.
자신의 글을 객관적으로 다시 한번 들여다보는 것으로도 글의 완성도를 훨씬 높여줄거예요~

습관적으로 be동사와 일반동사를 함께 쓴다던지, 관사가 빠진 부분은 없는지 확인해요^^